Technifor Hybrid & Green laser

Vi kan nu også tilbyde Hybrid og Green lasere fra Technifor. Siden er under udarbejdelse og oversættelse.





Green laser marking

Designed for integration into production lines:

cold laser marking

"Cold" marking: very careful, the ideal solution for marking soft materials and sensitive components.

laser micro marking

Micro marking: Small 2D Data Matrix codes, very detailed logos, precise removal of thin layers of coating and its ultra-thin beam generates exceptional marking quality.

unique green laser marking

Unique: marks materials that are not reacting or reacting poorly to other infrared wavelengths: from raw plastics to the most translucid, reflective metals (copper, silver, gold) and ceramic etc.

Total connectivity

Total connectivity: all the communication tools are natively available to communicate with your environment.



Laser source YB: Green laser, Class 4, wavelength: 532 nm
Power range  5 - 10 W
Fiber optic length All-in-one system: integrated mechanics, electronics and software


Weight 19.8 Kg
Dimensions (mm) L 730 x W 258 x H 230
Marking field (mm) 65x65 - 110x110  - 150x150  (other focal lengths available on request)
Speed (mm/sec) 10 000
Temperature up to 40°C
Focal protection Dual protection against scratches and deposits. Aluminium protective ring against shocks.

Integrated electronics

Communication Ethernet TCP/IP; Profinet; digital 8I/8O; dedicated I/O; SUB D37; RS232; USB (x3)
HMI Intuitive human-machine interface - immediate diagnosis - display of current operations - history - saving - maintenance messages
Operation Autonomous (no PC) - connected to the PLC


Delivered as standard with every marking laser, Lasertrace allows you to create your marking files in just a few clicks.

Developed by Technifor and enriched with vast application experience, it comprises all the functions required for identification and traceability. Once the files are sent to the control unit, your marking laser works autonomously or connected to a PLC.

PC software Lasertrace
Interface Multilingual and personalisable
Included Management of different user profiles
  Fonts, shapes logos,
  Barcodes, Datamatrix, QR codes, UID, OCR characters
  Serial numbers, counters, variables, dates, shift codes, etc.
  Data acquisition using a camera/reading scanner
Options Production mode: duplicate control, log files, data acquisition from your existing systems, file selection, etc
  Logo Editor: logo creation from PDF, DXF, EPS, STEP, IGS, etc.
  Logo Editor Max: vectorisation of logos and creation of filling paths