LS1000 XP

CO2 laser engraving
: LS1000XP


New laser solution, large size cutting and engraving:


  • Sign making and letter cutting
  • Design and fabrication of models, POP displays
  • Engraving and cutting of synoptics and front panels
  • Mass production of plates and labels in matrix mode
  • Production of rubber stamps
  • Engraving of bulky objects
  • Cylindrical capability
  • Suitable for a wide variety of materials including plastics, wood, acrylic, coated metals, ceramics, glass, cardboard, foam,
  • Trophies and awards, funeral, memorial.erested in this premium solution?
The LS1000XP comes standard with innovative functions aiming to reduce production times and increase usability:
Front loading
First to design an unlimited pass through for faster speed and easy access
Integrated cutting table
A new standard feature are the detachable table fins
Double engraving table
11.8" of Z clearance allows the user to easily place bulky and voluminous objects for direct part marking
Double pass-through
A Gravograph innovation total free loading by the front of the machine.
Reduced footprint and environmental safety
Reduced footprint and environmental & operator safety
Currently the fastest laser on the market, the LS1000XP can tackle large volume projects with ease.
A range of 40 to 150 W CO2 laser sources for precision engraving jobs, even large cut out tasks for organic materials.
Gravograph supplies the best control software on the market. Compatible with all preexisting Gravograph solutions and third-party graphic software. The specially designed interface now optimizes composition productivity.